Landek Park is an ideal place for organizing all sorts of cultural, social or sports events in an unorthodox environment

Landek Park

The largest Czech mining museum originated from a black-coal mine - Anselm. 250-m-long underground corridors unveil the secret of an authentic mining workplace step by step. The Landek Park mining museum offers knowledge, relaxation and amusement. Visitors will experience a real working shift down the mine. Plausible sound effects will accompany their journey down the pit, they will visit chain changing rooms, they will take a ride in the original mine train from the 60s of the last century and they will see the mine rescue workers exhibition. They can finish their visit to the museum by dining at a nearby restaurant and trying out some of the miners' gastronomic specialities. Landek Park is an attractive suburban family-friendly relaxation zone, welcoming school children, sports enthusiasts as well as cultural event organizers.

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